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June 6, 2017

January 5, 2016

December 13, 2015

December 6, 2015

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June 6, 2017

In all things we must give thanks because that is the will of the father. 1 Thessalonians 5:8
Gratefulness starts with the state of ones heart!
1 thing I can say from my entire trip out to Ghana is that I am truly grateful to God. My heart is full coming back!
Many reasons I can thank God for such as journey mercies, meeting wonderful people in Asikuma, the seasons where I had to depend on God and learn more about Him for myself. In addition one thing I am very grateful for is you, all that have supported this wonderful trip to Ghana. Many of my friends, my amazing uncles, my aunties and even people who don't know me personally have sown into making this trip a reality.
Through all the giving of these awesome people, I was able to provide brand new Black school shoes for all the children in the mission centre, I was also able to provide bibles for couple of Kids who needed it.
It's amazing when you go and spend time with people but what is more amazing is whereby you can leave something behind with so much value that money can't buy and that is Jesus!
I was able to teach songs to the kids such as Hallejuah (The Anthem), Victory belongs to Jesus: which they wouldn't stop singing ever since I taught them. In my last week I was privileged to be given an opportunity to take a word on Sunday. This word I really thank God because the Holy Spirit really spoke through me and convicted hearts. I was able to encourage the youth to keep going on their journey with Christ and even tell other volunteers about JESUS. One thing that was so special was when a volunteer said to me she felt closer to God than she ever has felt when I spoke to her, and she felt connected and wants to read the bible more and have a closer relationship with Him.
This was such a special moment for me because been in Ghana, it wasn't always easy at times I wanted to be home at times I would be upset but despite anything God still used me as a vessel to minister, to encourage and bring people to Him, which I am so grateful for.
My time in Ghana has been truly purposeful, and i really thank God. The next time I'll be going back by God's grace, it will be with my Team Transcend, and we have been given opportunity to train the kids, take bible studies, teach them in singing, acting and dancing and help to bring out what God has put in them for them to also lead, encourage and evangelise.
I am truly thankful for the love and support.

Sometimes when you want to do something so great, finances can be such a barrier, there is so many amazing things I want to do for people all around the world and frankly a lot of it involves money. However I refuse to let money be a barrier for me, and you should to. If you have a desire to give, to do something so great I can assure you there's a high chance that, that desire is of God. God is the creator of all things so if this desire is of God I know He will provide a way! And He did just that.
In December, I put a post up about me raising money to volunteer for a month in Ghana, in just 3 weeks of posting this, I raised 75% of all the funds I needed. Tell me that was not God!
I'm thankful that so many people that I reached out to, were able to give whatever they had whether it was £5 or £1,000. You all played a part in making this trip happen! It's amazing how far ones money can go, even though none of the 30 donors came physically to Ghana, their money went to Ghana.
I want to use this time to encourage people to give, give what you have it goes a long way, it helps the life of others. Don't you want to look back on your life and see how your time, or money helped to change over 100 people's lives just by giving to one person who then gave to another like a domino affect.

There's always more we can do for people, each day is an opportunity to help another, to push one another to bless one another.
Remember as we have freely received from Jesus Christ we must freely give!

Thank you all for not only impacting my life by making it possible for me to go to Ghana for a month, but impacting 35 people in Asikuma Village and allowing God to start a great work through me specifically for the Mission Centre in Ghana.

My name is Danielle Rockson, I love Jesus, and I love people. I am the founder of Transcend Movement. A youth ministry registered as a non profit organisation. We use the gifts such as acting, singing and dancing to evangelise and encourage and inspire the youth of today! My mission is to go everywhere around the world and to bring out what is in the youths I come into contact with for the purpose God has given them. My mission is to encourage and lead the youth into the heart of Jesus, to serve Him with gifts and talents that He has put in them.

If you would like to support this mission or maybe specifically to Transcend as a ministry then please I encourage you to do so.
Your giving is going a lot further than you'll ever realise.

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Thank you very much for your support. 


I will be putting out a Vlog on my YouTube channel all about Ghana. So please subscribe to my channel to get the notifications: type Missrockson on YouTube. 







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