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June 6, 2017

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December 6, 2015

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Depending on God in Ghana

May 22, 2017

Depending on God has been the true statement of my 3 weeks here so far. I have had to depend on God in the good times and the most difficult situations in Ghana. Let me just tell you, it has really not been easy.
It was especially hard, when I found myself bed bound for 2 days eating nothing and constantly running to the toilet throughout the day.
Yes you guessed it I was extremely ill, have you got malaria? Maybe it's typhoid? Maybe it's the heat? These were the questions that different people asked me from the kids to the volunteers. However I had no answer, I didn't know what type of illness I had. All I knew was this illness had no place in my body and needed to leave!

I would casually be getting constant messages from my mum worried, awake at 2am messaging me "how I am feeling" every half an hour. Whilst my dad would message me saying " okay dear please get better health is wealth" oh and don't forget the "dear, you have really done a lot for helping the world out there in Ghana please come home".
My parents never failed to amuse me, of course i don't blame them for their concerns as I am over 1000km away in Ghana whilst their in the United Kingdom. It is a lot easier not being well and being in your own home than not being well and being in another country.

I really thank God because through this illness I saw Him right beside me. Each evening, Pastor James and Mark (owner) would come and pray for me at my bedside. I would message my auntie, dr Vaughan who will constantly be giving me advice of which medicine I can take when I can take them, what my symptoms are suggesting.

I also had my friends in the UK praying for me. (Thank you guys) It's amazing because even though so many people were so far away, and in the physical sense I felt alone I thank God because His presence really kept me through.

One evening whilst I was laying in bed sick, I got a message from my friend Deborah and she told me that the power is in my voice, and that I should sing praises to God. The moment I started singing, i was being healed! It was amazing I was smiling so much I didn't want to stop. "Let praises rise from the inside of me, may you delight on the inside of me" and praises began to rise! And I can feel the presence of God with me just working away.

Jesus broke the chain of sickness off of me!!!! And he did it through me singing to Him! He is so amazing!
It's funny because if we just have faith as a mustard seed! We can move mountains! I believed that He can heal me but it wasn't just that! It was the praises!!!
Thessalonians 5:16-18
“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
‭‭ I saw how God moved, when I rejoiced even though I was sick, even though my situation didn't really scream for joy but I saw how God moved when I gave Him praise despite my situation and I did it because I know He loves me! 


So I got better, and I got asked to give a word on Sunday. I really did not know what to speak on, I initially was going to speak on something else. However when I got to church that morning, The Holy Spirit was showing me things and Jesus wanted to break down Religion from that place! And He did just that. My message was on the breaking down of Religion and entering into a Relationship. This was an awesome opportunity, 1. To be used by God to serve in Ghana and even preach his message. 2. The fact that I came to Ghana thinking I was just going to play with these kids love them and it was like God had so much other plans for me out here! Plans that I did not whatsoever put myself foreword to, but God literally dragged me out from my hiding place and was like Go! I was nervous, I didn't think I was ready, I was questioning so much like "God I don't know what to say?" But I thank God I let go of my nerves, my doubts, my insecurities, my weaknesses and I just trusted him to speak! and HE DID JUST THAT! I actually did nothing I just came to Him and He filled me up! And now He gave an outpouring of His love to His children!

I want to encourage you guys with this post that Jesus loves you!
He cares so much for you, even when you're in your sticky situation even when you're in a situation and you know you put yourself there He cares for you! And He is waiting for you to just acknowledge Him, give Him the praise because His arms is open wide for you, filled with love!

Thank you for reading my blog post!
Stay tuned for my Last Ghana Post Next week ❤ 

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