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June 6, 2017

January 5, 2016

December 13, 2015

December 6, 2015

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How did i get here?

January 5, 2016

Thinking to myself how did I get here?

Why exactly am I here?

This place I once thought was like a second home but I am looking at it through a new lens.

This is not the same place.

So much sin, lust and vanity

What’s going on?

This isn’t me.

Or maybe this place hasn’t changed.

It’s always been like this

But I’ve changed and I’m ready to leave this wilderness.

Last time I was here I enjoyed it,

Partying and flirting with the world thinking this was the good life.

Gosh I was so deceived by the wiles of the enemy

Oh how I see I’m not at home.

People aren’t genuinely after God here

Meaningless conversations

Desperate women and men looking to the world to fill their void

Where are the bible studies?

Where are the young people who are interested in talking about Jesus?

Where are the righteous conversations?

Can I not have a nice overflowing conversation about the power of God?

Where is the Real love of Jesus being emulated?

Where is it?

Why is this place filled with the opposite?

I understand that in this world it’s always like this. But I feel like I’m right in the middle of it being in this place

Everyone is spending so much time and money on their external beauty yet nothing on their inner beauty

I’m feeling alone God

I know you’re here but I’m not even having the time to praise and worship you, and study your word like I do at home.

Every day I have to go here, there and everywhere

God you’re tugging on my heart to spend quality time with you, you know my heart I want to…

But I still say thank you God for helping me

No way am I conforming to these things of the world

So I stay in, most of the time.

I will not step in the enemies’ territory.

I just want to worship you lord, I want to break out and rejoice and call upon your name, devouring into your every word Lord.

Oh Lord please help me to make time,

I want to go back home, this place is not for me.

Oh lord why am I here?




My Daughter, remember I am with you

I will help you to make time for me, for I see the desires of your heart which are aligned to mine.

I am here with you even in this time of wilderness.

You are covered by my blood that you plead over yourself.

I will never leave you nor forsake you.


But lord why am I here?

I want to leave, I want to go back home now and be with my family, I want to be in your hands in the place of comfort. I am not having fun, because I don’t do the things of the world and there’s no one to really talk to, spend hours just worshiping you and enjoying your word together.

I want to be in a place like home or my university with people who genuinely love you, not only by word of mouth but by their life.


Danielle I want you to see something.

For what you are feeling is what I hope for all my children, to remember that this world is not their own and only for a short period of time, you should take delight in my coming for you to enter the kingdom of heaven.

My daughter I have allowed for you to be in the place of discomfort to see how you will arise to the situation.

Do not be overwhelmed by the evil around, but take delight and comfort in me, your father who you know and love you unconditionally.

Remember you are set apart, I have called you out, you are chosen, a holy person, a Royal priesthood and by my grace you are one with me as I am with the father.

I am showing you this through a new lens, I am showing you this through my eyes to see outside of the box you were once consumed in.


Thank you my daughter, for remembering me and staying close to my wings.

Take delight in me for I will give you the desires of your heart.

Live for me and take joy in my presence.

You need to see what you have seen because I want you to see the impact that I am going to do through you.

The people you see now, will hear my name through you

I am building up a young generation, who genuinely love me to begin this revival to bring my name to the nations.

I have shown my glory through you on a small scale, however I will show my glory through you on a much larger scale.

Take note take note.

These people will be revolutionised

You will return with crusades and I will change the hearts of many people

Many people will hear my name, many people will turn to me and many people won’t

But my own will stay faithful

Stay faithful Danielle

Stay with me

As for now, trust me, be still, stay in my presence and understand all will be revealed in time.


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