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At the Centre of it all

March 27, 2016

If only we knew who Jesus was.

If only we knew the power that is in His name.

If only we knew who we are in Him.

If only we acknowledged Him, for who He is and what He’s done.

Not just on Sunday not just today (Easter Sunday) but forever.

If only we allowed our lives to be completely led by Him so that we can be selfless and do what He needs for us to do.

If only we allowed Him to position ourselves to be used by Him.

If only we made ourselves fully available.

If only we didn’t allow the distractions of the world, to affect our lives but be completely consumed by His glory.

If only we didn’t shout His name on Sunday, but walk in the counsel of the wicked, seating in the seat of the scornful and standing in the way of the sinners for the rest of the week.

Because if we knew

We wouldn’t stop talking to Him.

We wouldn’t stop talking about Him.

We would use every opportunity to spread the gospel.

We would know that each day He keeps us to see, we would use it for His glory

We would use our workplace as an ounce of worship and spread the love that only comes from Christ to our annoying boss, our Snakey colleague, or ignorant client.

If we knew, we wouldn’t judge people because we are dead, and it is Christ who lives in us and all He wants is a relationship and submission to Him.

If we knew, we would be going out unto the streets telling them the good news, with every ounce of our bodies.

We will be using our social media as a platform to advance His Kingdom.

We would use the talents which He gave us to glorify Him alone and not the world we live in that the only certainty that comes out is death.

If we knew and we believed that we had good news to say, everyone would know.

That woman in the street, that homeless person at the bus stop, that pregnant teen walking, that well dressed good looking man over there (that you don’t know has depression), that woman limping with one left leg because she’s been abused by her husband, the group of girls in your school that are regarded as popular because of their good looks and nice body but really are insecure and look for attention and identity from people instead of God alone, that boy over there that has just been arrested, that business owner who’s doing well for himself but just loves money. The workaholic father or mother who doesn’t even see their children because they are so consumed by their work, saying things like “I’m doing this for the kids” and so they think, but they have forgotten, the car and the house is irrelevant and goes out of date, but what doesn’t is JESUS CHRIST. That man or woman who call themselves Christians, yet their hearts are so hardened to the voice of the lord, and they haven’t allowed for the Holy Spirit to renew their mind.

I was in London on Friday, and the Pastor, man of God told us a story, he said a missionary went to one rural village and the missionary said, you know Jesus died for you? The person said I know Cocoa Cola, I have heard of them, but I have never heard of Jesus. Why did it take Christians so long to tell us about this amazing news?

If we believed, we wouldn’t stop till the ends of the world. Stop waiting for your next brother or sister to do it, the same God is in you that is in me. When we leave this earth, nothing is coming with us, the drums, the piano, your football, your TV, your books, your degree.

God will say what did you do with what I gave you?

Was I the centre of your life or was I just mid left?

So why when people were sick you didn’t pray for them and perform the miracle in my name?

When that person did something wrong, you didn’t spread my love and tell them how much I love them and I just want them to have a relationship with me? and I will strip away all the things of flesh and give them a new life with the leading of my Spirit.

Don’t you know that people who don’t know me will know me through these things?

You knew I was living inside of you and I said that you will do greater things than even Jesus did.

So let’s decide today to rejoice in His name, let us lift His voice in praise in all that we do from today. It is you that I see Lord, in everything.



This was a piece, that the Lord was speaking to me about on Saturday 26th of March 2016. Lord I love you.


I hope you were blessed



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