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June 6, 2017

January 5, 2016

December 13, 2015

December 6, 2015

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Dear my Holy Father

December 13, 2015

Dear, my Holy Father in heaven


I love you Lord

Let me run to the secret place with the Most High

Let me feel your warm embrace

Let me rest at your feet


Thank you Lord, for  giving me access to cry to you

I have come to seek you Lord with everything I have

I want to find all of who you are

I am so sorry Lord, it has taken me this long 

Blinded by my self centerdness living for myself.


You are the Lord Jesus Christ

Son of God

Risen from the dead.

Emmanuel, the beginning and the end.

Alpha and Omega

King of Kings

My Healer and Friend

My Comforter

My Helper

My Provider

The Lamb of God

Lion of Judah

Prince of Peace

Lord of Hope


So pure so Holy

Oh I am so dirty, but you cleanse me

Oh I am so weak, but you made me strong

Oh I am so lonely,  but you came to be my friend

Oh Lord how I am so selfish, but you take preeminence

You came down to save me

You pour your love on me even when I don’t deserve it

You saved my soul

You are ancient of days

I need thee o

I need thee every hour I need thee

I can’t wait to see you, face to face

You are so faithful, you are so true


You are the gift of life

You make sense






Lover of my soul


The rock of ages

Immortal God

Lord Jesus Christ who sits at your fathers right hand

Son of God

Joshua, The Lord is salvation

Emmanuel, God is with us

Thank you father for coming down on earth, to save me and be with me


For your ways are not my ways

Your thoughts are set upon me

I will trust you

For you loved me Lord, when I didn’t deserve it

You are LOVE

You taught me what Love is

Oh Holy Spirit guide me

Oh Holy Spirit lead me

Have mercy on me

Guide me until I am ONE with you

Keep me in your hands

sheild me with your armour

let me hide beneath your wings

You are my shepherd, I am safe with you

Oh so perfect lamb of God

So sacred and Holy

Never let me go

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