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June 6, 2017

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December 6, 2015

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I'ts not a religion its a relationship

November 11, 2015



It is so funny how we love to over complicate things!!! 

Constantly over-thinking the simple: Oh but can we do this? Can we go here? I mean ah life is so hard! Life is so stressful. These are some of the questions I myself as well as many individuals used to stress over. 

I'm laughing now as I write this because we have truly missed the point, we've missed the key to life, the vital answer which is JESUS. The funny thing about us Christians is that we don't actually realize that this is not a religion but a relationship! 

During a powerful sermon titled "intimacy with God" Andy Stanley stated Religion is treating God respectively not intimately!

We are so used to routine and strict customs: Church here, conference here, bible study here, but we forget the MAIN THING. We can spend our days busy going to a church conference and occupying our time in the church preaching and ministering and not even spending intimate time with our God. When did we start trading our quality time with God in for service? Why have we become so focused on "good works" and trying to look squeaky clean before our King? Why are there so many fiery mouths and yet so many empty hearts? Since when did being zealous for God become a clothing item we parade in front of God and those in the church and take off when we're around our friends? Let me tell you right now that these so called righteous works looks like filthy rotten rags in the eyes Jesus. Wow 



Let's just really think about this! 

We aren't open to God anymore, when were upset we don't let it out and cry with Him. Jesus cares about everything that concerns us, big AND small. Psalm 139 says: How precious are Your thoughts towards me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand. Who do you actually know that has more thoughts and feelings towards you than the quantity of each sand grain that covers the earth? Tell him how you feel, be open He loves you! We need to understand that God is everywhere He sees everything so why should we keep anything from Him? It doesn't make sense. He already knows. Just call on Him. If you are confused, go to God who is the author of clarity and truth! If you are angry enter into the presence of the Prince of Peace! If your feeling stubborn surrender to His voice of reason, open up your soul to Him and let Him heal you, allow your creator to help restore your mind or heart and to take control. We need to stop telling Him what we think he wants to hear and TELL HIM EVERYTHING! 


People need to understand that this relationship with Jesus is not "forced", Christianity is not a chore nor some type of "hush hush" lifestyle that you enter into on a Sunday. No, Jesus is not your side chick that you run to when your worldly lifestyle gets a bit too stressful. Jesus is our main man, our main meal our main meaning of life! Even before we decide to call on Jesus, He hears our hearts reaching, groaning and panting for Him. Galatians 4:6 explains how our hearts are constantly screaming "abba father!" for our Lord Jesus!. We can only love God because He loved us and called us first, and He's calling us back to Him because that's what He loves the most -when we spend time talking to our Daddy, loving Him, desperate to spend time with Him. Psalm 42:2 says My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God. Do you have that thirst for His presence? What do you yearn for most, His company or the church congregation?


It's so simple! Jesus invited us to come and rest in Him to take upon us His light burden, He didn't give us a stressful to do list. We don't have to wait in a queue to meet with God like a child does waiting for Santa clause. We don't need to do 5 good things before we're eligible to ask God for a favour? We don't have to sit in a certain position to pray to be more holy. We don't have to use eloquent vocabulary to get His attention, We don't have to wear anything extraordinary to church believing that it will impact how He sees us. What do you think Jesus died for? To remove all of this nonsense! No longer is it do do do, in fact it's DONE DONE DONE.


He actually died for all of Us


We love to over complicate things don't we? 


Mathew 6:33 " seek he first the kingdom of God and all things shall be added.


You do realise this is the key to life right? 


Seeking Him keeping our eyes on Him, I assure you, not by my words but HIS own that when you do this genuinely, the things that you used to think you can't live without, or spend all your time doing become so irrelevant. Believe me I am a testimony to this and if you knew me before you would know. I was so busy doing other things I didn't even have that relationship with God. Intimacy is so powerful and so important. How can I say I love the Lord and I don't even know Him. Haha wow what a blasphemy. Imagine saying you love a guy you've only seen around university over the years but you've never spoken to. 

That is just impossible right?

How can you love someone you don't know. 

Yet we sing songs such as I love you Lord when in fact we don't even know Him! We put " I love God" in our twitter bio and that's the only time God's seen you declare it. Self reflect and ask yourself: do I communicate with my saviour daily and make Him the first priority in EVERYTHING? We cannot love Him without knowing Him. It's amazing because once I made the decision to actually seek Him and learn who my Father was from my perspective and not somebody else's, I finally began to know Him. I began to watch sermons and let the Holy Spirit teach me His word, seeing the Bible as a real communication with Jesus, as my daily bread and nourishment. The Bible became a HOLY book not an English book, and now I can't get enough of Him. I am beginning to reach this new level of intimacy that I can't keep within and I have to let it out, I have to tell the world! I want everyone to reach this level and beyond. 

People may ask why are you always so happy and giddy, and when I reply oh it's actually God they cannot comprehend. It's because you don't understand the friendship. 


Our God is such a good God, let's digest this, there is enough of God to go around. Everyone can receive this everlasting love encounter with Christ all at the same time how powerful is that? We can all experience his love! 

Believe me guys this is the key to life! 

Intimacy with Christ! Jesus is the key!!!

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