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June 6, 2017

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We got to walk it, not just talk it

October 17, 2015


We need to walk in the way of Christ

Not just talk it

Do not be the ones who just say the prayer on the outside, preach and advise people, however your own life is like a walking enemy of Christ.

Be very careful, Do not be your own God

Do not allow your belly to be your own God

Do not just do what you want trying  to feed your own desires. 

Do you pray before you make a decision? 

Do you say Lord should I pursue this man or woman? Lord should I go to this place?

Lord what should I do?

Lord have your way? 




Are you your own God

Do you decide what you want to do.

Look at your lifestyle

Is it consumed with the focus here on earth?

Or are you looking to Jesus

Study the life of Paul he is someone who did not look behind, he did not look around him but he just focused solely on the Lord


RP- help us Lord to stay focus on you, help us to not stay distracted. But to live and walk in the way of you Lord, so that we will not just be great talkers of christ but we will be great walkers of christ. 

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