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June 6, 2017

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December 6, 2015

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Are you a fan of Christ? Or a friend of Christ?

October 1, 2015

If you have time read John 10: 1-21 and focus on verse 4

Then read this -

What does it look like to live the life of a believer and HEAR the voice of God? 


Just like any other relationship we have, there is a two way street in communication. Without communication there is no relationship. Communication can sometimes be misunderstood just like in any relationship.


When you are in a strong relationship with God, you know and recognize His voice. As your relationship grows, you can hear and recognize His voice even better. He is always speaking and we need to TUNE IN to His voice. 


How can we TUNE IN? Are you ready to receive communication? 


Sometimes we are just fans of Christ but not in a relationship with Him. Fans are disconnected and without a real relationship with someone they highly admire. We stop being fans when we enhance our communication with God by tuning in to Him. We tune in to His voice for protection; He gives us warnings, guides and directs us. When we are in a relationship with Him, He tells us our lives’ mission. Psalm 32:8 (NLT), The Lord says: “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”


To hear His voice we must:


  1. Cultivate an open heart and mind Luke 8:5. To hear His voice you must be receptive, a hard heart and narrow minded thinking makes it hard to hear. You must be positioned to hear properly. You've got to give God the chance! It's hard to hear because of pride, fear and bitterness. 


2.   Take the time to listen Luke 8:6-8. It is not just a common principle but it should be precious and valued. Spend time in His word. Make time to listen! Everything you hear must be lined up with His word. Be still, quiet and listen. The Air Force did a study showing that 95% of what we hear is gone in 72 hours! The sermon on Sunday alone IS NOT ENOUGH! We need that relationship to help us put down DEEP roots in God by spending our time with God daily. Let His word sink in! Schedule and prioritize your time with God. Pray about what is on your heart. Grow deep roots by getting connected. Don't just go to church alone.



3.  Eliminate distractions Luke 8:14. Worries, riches, pleasures and businesses are all distractions. Get rid of the weeds in your garden! The TVs, radios and social media etc. all get in the way. In Luke 8:7 the weeds choked the seeds out, when the weeds grew up it showed neglect. Being too stressed out is also a distraction from God. Don't neglect the Word of the Lord. Order and control your day! Consistently be in the Word each day...one verse or one chapter. Pray about what He puts on your heart.



4. Be willing to do what He calls you to do. Be open to what He calls you to do. Be willing Luke 8:15. Hear the word, retain it and do it.



DRP (Danielle's Reflection Point) : Sometimes, instead of begging for direction, just listen to his instruction.




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